Match Report
Finborough School Girls-U14A vs  ISA HOCKEY
On: Tuesday, 09 Nov 2021
Venue: Away

An amazing day and great experience for all. The girls played exceptionally well, winning 2 out of their 3 group matches. In the first game the girls won 6-0 ( 4 goals by Anna and 2 by Olive). Some great team play with the girls passing the ball beautifully around the D and scoring 2 goals from deflecting the ball! In the second game the girls won 1-0 (goal scored by Anna). It was left to the last game to see whether we could top our group, but unfortunately the pressure got to us and we lost 0-3. We finished second in our group and went on to play for the plate. We unfortunately lost our first game 0-1, but when on to win our second game 3-0 (goals scored by Anna). We finished 7th overall out of 16 teams, but most importantly the games played really well and I was super proud of all of their efforts. A fantastic group of talented girls who have a very bright future in Hockey. Anna, who was on top form throughout the whole tournament, was selected as the player of the tournament and deservingly won a scholarship to a training camp taught by international coaches. What a great opportunity for a super talented girl!!