Action Photos
Finborough School Girls-U17A vs  Norwich High School for Girls
On: Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021
Venue: Away

Norwich School 14.9.21

4-0 challenging first game against a really tough opposition!

It really brought the best out of the girls! They were totally supportive and constantly encouraged one another! Very positive and keen to improve! Players saw the opportunity to learn from the opposition and see what they need to do to improve for the future. Norwich had a futures cup player (potential selection for England) and some PC ( regional players) these players included their centre midfielder and goal keeper! So our battle was a tough one!

The game begun with us showing Norwich far too much respect. Consequently we went down 3-0 in the first quarter! After recognising that they could perform much better their game lifted and they only conceded one more goal! The captain Esme had many encouraging words of advice for players as did Liv Hyndman both using their experience from playing at Bury Hockey Club to great advantage. Other very noteworthy performances came from Teal who read the game beautifully, often intercepting at key moments in the game and showing a no fear attitude when closing down in defence! Tilly who ran constantly looking to support players at all times! Sophie who displayed great elimination skills, Livi Jackson who ran into great positions and Newcombe and Lara who were tenacious in defence! Overall a great team performance by everyone!